Hot Air Balloon 3 Silicone Earring Mould

Hot Air Balloon 3 Silicone Earring Mould

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36mm hot air balloon and 14mm cloud silicone earring mold handmade using our own originally designed acrylic pieces for resin earrings/ jewellery/ jewellery/ earrings/ craft/ diy earrings.

Disclaimer - have fun new enjoy crafting with this mould but with this shape what you can’t do is replicate this mould and sell moulds of my shape.

To prolong the use of the mold, please avoid direct open flame to the mold. If you wanna get rid of bubbles in your resin, you can pre-heat a little of your resin in the mixing cup or use a releasing agent to aid. Store your mold flat, on a level surface and away from direct sunlight.

Happy making. 😊