❗ Current processing time is 7-9 business days ❗

❗Current processing time is 7-9 business days, exclude the shipping time❗ 

Please read before purchasing

Please note that if you are using resin that contains corrosive piperazine base (eg. N-[2-(1-piperazinyl)ethyl]-1,2-Ethanediamine, N-aminoethylpiperazine, etc), these resin generally do not suit our mould. We do not recommend using our moulds for UV resin nor liquid polymer clay crafting. However, you still can use it with your own risk if you wish to.

Recommended epoxy resin: Just Resin Diamond Cote 1:1 AB epoxy resin or Liquid Gloss 2 part epoxy resin.

If you are using other epoxy resin than what we recommended above and having shorter usage lifetime of the mould (i.e. side or nip ripping off, "decolouration" etc), we will not having any replacement or partial refund anymore. Normal usage of the mould with care taken after each pour, the mould will last for at least 30 pours before it starts to show sign of degradation.

For mold care tips, please visit here. We highly recommend to do so before you made any purchase. 

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