Mold Care Tips

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The first thing to note is that molds ARE NOT life lasting. They will eventually wear out even with the best of care. As they are used to create pieces The integrity of the mold will wear, especially if it has lots of little details, the better you take care of your Silicone Molds the longer they will last however overtime they will "dull" which means lose the sharp edges on the small details of the mold. It is important to note that this is completely normal and with proper care can be slowed significantly, but not stopped.

Recommended epoxy rein:
Just Resin Diamond Cote 1:1 AB epoxy resin or Liquid Gloss 2 part epoxy resin.

The reason of we recommend because we have tested our molds with these two epoxy resin. And we are confident of using these two resin with our molds. 

If you are using other epoxy resin than what we recommended above and having shorter usage lifetime of the mold (i.e. side or nip ripping off, "decolouration" etc), we will not having any replacement or partial refund anymore. Normal usage of the mold with care taken after each pour, the mold will last for at least 30 pours before it starts to show sign of degradation.

Mold cleaning:
We recommend using sticky type to remove any of the resin residue on the mold. We however, do not recommend using soup water or warm water to clean the molds.

Using lighters, flames and heat:
While many guides and Youtube videos will tell you to run a torch or heat gun over your mold to remove excess air bubbles it is strongly recommended you do not. While silicone can handle hot temperatures created during curing they are not designed to withstand the heat created by fire.

Repeated uses of this method in the Silicone Mold will break down the silicone and eventually cause it to fuse to the Epoxy resin and damage it. Silicone can withstand over 200 degrees Celsius (400 Fahrenheit), lighter and torches can put out much much higher temperatures.

If you have air bubbles the best practice is to pour the resin in a separate container heat it and then pour into the Silicone Mold. Also pouring from height can help to remove air bubbles when casting.

If you have used a mold release it makes the process significantly easier. Try to limit the stretching time which will cause less stress on the mold.

“My resin is stuck in the mold!”
First of all, don't panic. Take a deep breath and check a couple of things - first check that the cure time , has it been long enough? Also be aware that the temperature of the room it is being cast in can affect the curing time. If you are casting in a room that is cold then this can significantly increase the resin cure times.

This is the most common cause and waiting longer for the cure and increasing the temperature does the trick. If the cast is still being stubborn
throw the mold in the freezer for 30-60 minutes, this will not cause any damage to the mold and should make demolding a lot easier. If you are having no luck and all seems lost, very careful take a craft knife and move it around the mold between the resin and the silicone, this allows air to get into the mold and can release the resin, however this should be the absolute last resort as it can cause damage to your mold.

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