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Strawberry Artisan Candle

Strawberry Artisan Candle

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Ignite the senses with our strawberry candle, a sensory journey reminiscent of fresh, sun-kissed strawberries. At the core, a harmonious blend unfolds: the sweet juiciness of ripe strawberries, accentuated by subtle notes of Condensed Milk and Vanilla. The fragrance delicately evolves, embracing a comforting base of Coconut and Cream. Illuminate your space with this enchanting candle, where the nostalgic sweetness of strawberries melds with creamy undertones, creating an inviting ambiance that soothes and delights. Immerse yourself in the warmth and complexity of this fragrance, perfect for transforming any moment into a fragrant celebration.

  • 4% Coconut Oil & 88% Soy Wax
  • 8% strawberry Fragrance Oil (100% owned, formulated in Australia)
  • Up to 25 hours burn time
  • Single wick
  • Handpoured in Australia
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